seeking the light of day…

So, you’re a known packrat and you’re looking for something and you come across a collection of stuff you wrote 20-30 years ago…what do you do? We’re talking about stuff that hardly anyone (probably less than 15 people) have ever seen, stuff that you haven’t seen for years…what do you do? We’re talking about stuff that would probably never see the light of day…

Might as well clean it up and put it out on the side of the road and see if anyone picks it up.

So, here it is, a collection of over 150 lyrics, written between 1974 and 1988, just seeking the light of day…enjoy! (and keep in mind, we’re talking about the musings of a fairly juvenile mind…it’s not all sex & drugs & rock’n'roll, but these topics were not ignored.)

And…as an added bonus, I’ve included some of my favorite black & white images from the past few years; nothing like having access to your own private stock library.

As much fun as it was, the primary purpose of this project was to allow me to get a better handle on using Adobe InDesign in production mode. I was forced to actually learn how to use it, rather than just winging it. I still have a ways to go, but thanks to this effort, I have a much better understanding of what I’m dealing with.

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