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Red Brick Heaven 1st Floor

the quick brown fox

the quick brown fox

Today was National Handwriting Day at and we made the most of it, creating a number of new handwriting fonts. You can do it any day, but on “National Handwriting Day”, you can do it for free! Click the image below to get started!

if you’re looking for work, you already have a job…

No matter what type of work you would like to do, no matter what type of job you would like to have, until you get it, you have to accept that at this very moment, you do have a job: you are a sales person. The good news is that you only have to make […]


some day i will be on this list… Philip Beaurline Mark Edward Atkinson lee crum Brian Lanker Francesco Scavullo Frank Ockenfels 3 Rodney Smith Michael O’Brien Peggy Sirota Rick Dublin Hans Neleman Matthew Rolston Lars Topleman John Huet Harry DeZitter Jim Erickson Steve Bronstein David Stoecklin Hunter Freeman Greg Gorman Clint Clemens Jimmy Williams Marc […]

the printer dilemma

I’m curious as to what type of printers photographers use to make their own prints. Please take this short survey and I’ll post up the results as soon as I have more than a handful of responses. Thanks for your time! [note: all responses are anonymous!] Create your free online surveys with SurveyMonkey, the world’s […]

st louis 93

where to go in st louis

I got to spend a couple weeks in St Louis back in ’93. With nothing to do over the weekend, I rented a camera and shot as much as I could. It’s an awesome city! Can’t wait to go back! I went to most of these places, but not all. This list was compiled by […]

things to say to a teenager

There’s a fine line between heading into mamby-pamby land and staying grounded as a parent. Between avoiding irrational fire-fights and administering duly earned recognitions, we’ve got our hands full. One tactic is to use cue-cards. Rather than charging into an emotional minefield, simply whip out an appropriate card and let it diffuse the situation. Or, […]

Protected: cars…

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animoto…the end of the slideshow

I just recently discovered the world of animoto and am now in a furious rush to create as many slideshows as possible from my catalogs. It’s very time-consuming, but worthwhile, especially given the unique nature of the end result. The following links are what I’ve done so far. Book mark this page so that you […]


Point – 30th Anniversary Reissue

Ok, it was a little more than 30 years ago, but so what? I’m just glad I still have a copy that hasn’t been shredded and nested in. [issuu showflipbtn=true documentid=091220223114-a018b31a227842ea86fae49c602a7d30 docname=point username=skippix loadinginfotext=Point%20-%2030th%20Anniversary%20Edition width=420 height=272 unit=px]

whatever it takes

Call it unorthodox, call it nuts, call it what you will, I don’t mind. I’ll pretty much do whatever I have to to get a shot. Thanks to Cathy Kushner at JMU for getting this shot!


laying down on the job

Thanks to Zach Reid for this shot.

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rainbows on a cloudy day

Print Available Sometimes, you just get lucky. You have the right gear in the right place at the right time. I was at the Diamond to shoot the VCU-UVa baseball game, and I was planning on going early to get some feature photos for next year’s VCU baseball media guide. When I heard that there […]


when it rains…

Today was just one of those days. The forecast had called for an overnight rain that would clear in the morning. Ha! I should have known what I was in for when I woke up to a beautiful sunrise… We shoot Easter Bunny portraits for Maymont’s Family Easter and print them on-site. If only this […]

Jockeys Ridge Revisited 0026 Lo Res Cr.jpg

jockeys ridge revisited

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Jockeys Ridge Dune Jumping 0068 Lo Res Cr V1.jpg

dune diving at jockeys ridge

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Coquina Beach 0054 Lo Res Cr V1.jpg

coquina beach

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On The Beach 0093 Lo Res Cr V1.jpg

on the beach

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Jockeys Ridge Sunset 0134 Lo Res Cr V1.jpg

sunset at jockeys ridge

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at the 7 mile marker


a bottle of fun

My daughter has been wanting to experiment with dyeing her hair for a while. We had an opportunity to try it out this past Saturday when we had the house to ourselves for a few hours. An interesting way to spend time with a daughter, to say the least.

Asiana Bistro 0015.jpg

the trick

You have good days, bad days, in-between days. The trick is stringing together nice runs of good days while skipping over the bad ones. Today started off rough, with a crack of dawn trip to my mechanic’s to get four new tires and a state inspection. From there I headed out to Powhatan County for […]