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canon bodies

Spec Comparison for current Canon models.


kicking off 2015, part 2

After you’ve completed your Year in Review, you can start putting together your action plan for this year. 1) Update your marketing collateral. This doesn’t have to be an onerous undertaking. Keep it simple. You already started with step 3 of the Year in Review project, when you collected your best examples of each of […]


kicking off 2015, part 1

Following are some simple projects for making this year better than the last. First up, Year in Review I highly recommend using some type of spreadsheet software, and hopefully you already have a system of some type that will help you pull this together without too much hassle. 1) Get a list of all the […]


I’ve recently signed up with Thumbtack, a marketing referral site that connects people with vendors. Through their questionnaire and referral system, maybe I’ll pick up some extra business opportunities that might have slipped by me otherwise. Check out my Thumbtack profile Skip Rowland Photography

what’s the point of being a professional?

There are people who take money for photography and there are those who don’t. There are some that take money that shouldn’t and there are some that don’t that should. There are many professions that require certifications, licensing, and/or apprenticeships before one can perform services, let alone take money. Photography, in the USA, is not […]

zenfolio vs exposure manager

I found the following on a forum posting about using Exposure Manager. It pretty much sums it all up. “I compared EM and Zenfolio many times and for me EM was the best choice and it mainly boils down to these points. Zenfolio won’t… -Let you design your own themes (though the site does indicate […]

how much time do you spend? (the results)

I was curious about how much time photographers spent in the digital darkroom, so I set up an informal survey. The results were pretty interesting… After 53 responses (Thank you very much!!), here are the final numbers: About 55% of the respondents consider themselves non-amateur. The type of shooting done is spread fairly evenly, with […]

how much time do you spend? (the survey)

I’m curious…just how much time do photographers spend in the digital darkroom? Please take this short survey and I’ll post up the results as soon as I have more than a handful of responses. Thanks for your time! [note: all responses are anonymous!] Create your free online surveys with SurveyMonkey, the world’s leading questionnaire tool.


sometimes it pays to overshoot…

…if you are doing freelance photojournalistic work. Here’s something to consider when you’re deciding just how much to shoot. Let’s say you have an assignment to go cover a political event for a paper. The paper is looking for ONE good photo, but will take 2 or 3, just to have a choice. The event […]

odac member websites

these are the links for all the odac members that currently sell photos. odac roanoke rmc randolph lynchburg hsc e&h emu bridgewater


event shooting from a marketing standpoint

A few weeks ago, I found myself in an interesting situation where I had been hired by two schools to do the same job on the same day–but at different places…and I couldn’t say no to either school. So I took both jobs, and subbed one out to a friend. I knew I could count […]


insights into the world of shooting college sports…

The first question I usually get asked is, “What do you charge to shoot?” Typically, it depends on the size of the school, the sport, and the importance of the game. For example, a Division 1A basketball NCAA tournament game will pay between $250-350. On the other hand, a swim meet at a Division III […]

Twenty off the Top!

Giving Back When you see the Twenty off the Top designation on an image or a gallery, it means that 20% of the purchase price is going right back into the community where we live, work, and play. We really appreciate the community supporting our business, and this is our simple way of saying “Thank […]


staff photographer (a behind the scenes look)

Overview Why SRP? Case Study Some Clients Examples Collections How many times have you been to an event and thought, “man, I wish I could shoot here!” Doesn’t it just grip your gut when you see somebody walking through the crowd, loaded with gear, getting to go wherever they want, and worse–getting to take photos […]



Yesterday, I had the most amazingly stressful assignment yet…worse than any wedding. I was called by the head photographer at Richmond International Raceway; he had an assignment he couldn’t cover, and he wanted to know if I was interested. Kenny Wallace, NASCAR driver and brother of racing legend Rusty Wallace, and his nephew Steve (Rusty’s […]


want to shoot weddings? this might be interesting

First, the ‘marketing’ notes (how I got the job…skip this if you’ve heard it before) A couple years ago, I got a digital camera (a Canon 300D). I took it to a street festival to get some practice shooting candids. A woman came up to me and asked what I was shooting for. I told […]


food for thought – shooting a cooking school

…a little background… A couple weeks ago, I shot a public forum hosted by the Richmond Times-Dispatch (my assignment was to shoot headshots of all the speakers). One of the speakers was the president and publisher of Virginia Business Magazine (which is also owned by the RTD’s parent company, Media General). I have been a […]

Erin Ewalt, the bubbles shot

the bubbles shot

Overview Why SRP? Case Study Some Clients Examples Collections Getting the Shot about the subject The swimmer is Erin Ewalt, the only senior on Randolph-Macon College’s swim team. She is the only swimmer in the history of the Old Dominion Athletic Conference to be named ODAC Swimmer of the Year FOUR TIMES!!!. Not only is […]

enough is enough - 3

enough is enough (the reality of photojournalism)

As my professional pursuit of photography has developed and evolved, I have enjoyed sharing my work and thoughts with those outside “the business”, and I have really appreciated all the feedback and support–it has meant the world to me. And it has been a lot of fun. There’s been sports, car races, events, parades, and […]

Airforce One

deathwatch (someone’s gotta do it)

Last night, I was supposed to be at my son’s Cub Scout den meeting (after all, I’m the Den Leader). Things changed when I got a call from an unknown caller on my cell phone late yesterday afternoon. The unknown caller was the head of the local AP bureau! Today, Virginia will elect a new […]


where the rubber meets the road

What I learned shooting my first professional sporting event At some point in your life, I hope you have an experience like I had this past weekend. Usually, the events and moments of our lives don’t allow us to enjoy them until later. My weekend was quite the opposite. It was one of those times […]


Welcome to the World of Skip Rowland Photography!

We handle Photojournalistic assignments, we cover Corporate and Athletic events, we handle Commercial assignments, and we shoot Weddings and Portraits. As a full-time, full-service photography agency we thrive on the challenge and stress of shooting in the real world, where our cameras are the only things we can control. Give us your specs, your demands, […]