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southern dare county nc


Following are some links with slideshow. Click here to see how to best view the slideshows. Southern Dare County – from Hatteras to Rodanthe Grits Grill – a typical OBX diner Hatteras Marlin Motel – a typical one-off motel (a little better than average)


kicking off 2015, part 2

After you’ve completed your Year in Review, you can start putting together your action plan for this year. 1) Update your marketing collateral. This doesn’t have to be an onerous undertaking. Keep it simple. You already started with step 3 of the Year in Review project, when you collected your best examples of each of […]


kicking off 2015, part 1

Following are some simple projects for making this year better than the last. First up, Year in Review I highly recommend using some type of spreadsheet software, and hopefully you already have a system of some type that will help you pull this together without too much hassle. 1) Get a list of all the […]

what’s the point of being a professional?

There are people who take money for photography and there are those who don’t. There are some that take money that shouldn’t and there are some that don’t that should. There are many professions that require certifications, licensing, and/or apprenticeships before one can perform services, let alone take money. Photography, in the USA, is not […]

how much time do you spend? (the results)

I was curious about how much time photographers spent in the digital darkroom, so I set up an informal survey. The results were pretty interesting… After 53 responses (Thank you very much!!), here are the final numbers: About 55% of the respondents consider themselves non-amateur. The type of shooting done is spread fairly evenly, with […]


staff photographer (a behind the scenes look)

Overview Why SRP? Case Study Some Clients Examples Collections How many times have you been to an event and thought, “man, I wish I could shoot here!” Doesn’t it just grip your gut when you see somebody walking through the crowd, loaded with gear, getting to go wherever they want, and worse–getting to take photos […]


want to shoot weddings? this might be interesting

First, the ‘marketing’ notes (how I got the job…skip this if you’ve heard it before) A couple years ago, I got a digital camera (a Canon 300D). I took it to a street festival to get some practice shooting candids. A woman came up to me and asked what I was shooting for. I told […]