How To’s

workflow basics – step 1

It is not enough to simply take photos. At the rate you are producing digital files, you simply must have a DAM (Digital Asset Management) system to manage your files. The best place to start (IMHO) is with Adobe Lightroom. It is relatively inexpensive ($10/month) and it gets the job done. When you get to […]

workflow basics – step 2

After you have archived and described your photos, you are ready to go through them. At first, this will take some time, but, as with anything, the more you practice, the quicker you will get. Make a first pass to separate out the keepers from the throwaways. With Lightroom’s Auto-advance function, all you have to […]

workflow basics – step 3

I usually start working with my highest rated photos first. If I have 5-star photos, I’ll set my filter to 5-star and work on those. Once I open up a photo in Develop mode, I’ll simply work the right-hand panel starting with the Basic tools and working my way down. White Balance sets the color […]

workflow basics – step 4

At this point, you have archived, reviewed, and processed your photos. Now you are ready to do something with them! But what? Most likely, share them, either by email or social media. Or maybe you want to make prints, or a calendar, or a poster. First, let’s take a look at where you are. You […]


Maximizing a Slideshow

When you first view a post with a slideshow, it will probably look like this. Notice the toolbar at the top and the thumbs at the bottom. There are three buttons on the toolbar. The left button toggles the thumbnail visibility The center button explands the slideshow to fullscreen The right button pauses or plays […]

Images from the third day of the 75th National Folk Festival, held in Greensboro, NC over the weekend of September 11, 2015. The weather was perfect and the crowds came out to enjoy the rich offerings from across the globe. #NCFolkFest. Taken Sunday afternoon, September 13, 2015 by Skip Rowland Photography.

Event Shooting – A Primer

The thrill is REAL! Media pass, backstage access, and nothing between you and the performer. You will get the shot of a lifetime! You may get the cover of Rolling Stone! But, is that what you are there for? Unless you’ve been hired by Rolling Stone or a local newspaper, probably not. And if you’ve […]


useful links

suzanne sease, consultant to photographers probably a better way to go: terragalleria copyright basics registering groups of photographs registering visual arts deposit requirements for visual arts Mike Jordan’s incredible copyright synopsis on dpc the ultimate laptop (maybe one of these days…) best business practices for photographers – john harrington john harrington’s client estimating guide sportsshooter […]

understanding your personal computer

Computers were invented by geeks and they have their own language, and this language has been forced on us. Some of it makes sense, some of it is downright bewildering. I am going to try to make some of these words make a little more sense. First, simply think of your computer as a room […]

event shooting 101

There are four elements to successful event photography: scoping, prepping, shooting, and delivering. The following breakdown reviews each of these. Scoping It does not matter if it is a simple show-up-and-shoot event or a complex, multi-day event requiring a team of photographers; it is critical to know exactly what the client is expecting you to […]


launching a sports photo biz

It happens to almost every one that has taken a camera to an athletic event. You’re there, following the action through the viewfinder, and you start imagining that you’re there, shooting for Sports Illustrated! Next thing you know, you’ve spent a couple thousand dollars on gear. You’re hooked. And, whether by accident or effort, you […]


prepping images for submission to a publication

If you’ve spent any time in the digital darkroom, you’ve probably developed different workflows for the different images uses. You might have one workflow for preparing an image for the web, a different one for regular prints, and maybe a different one for online competitions. This tutorial covers a workflow for preparing an image for […]

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shooting high school graduations

So, someone has asked you to shoot a high school graduation. If they are paying you little or nothing, maybe you can sell photos to parents. This article goes over what you’ll need to do to make it work. As nothing matters except the end result (a nice, clean shot of the graduate receiving their […]