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Design drawing of the BlackBox portrable backdrop apparatus.

without reflections

Over the past month I’ve been photographing the Michelangelo and Mattia Preti exhibits at the Muscarelle Museum of Art at the College of William and Mary. This has been an amazing, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, full of extraordinary challenges ranging from logistical to technical to creative. As today was the last day that I would have complete […]


counting crows

Taking a Camera to a Concert? We all know what type of images to expect when a credentialed professional takes professional gear to a concert. But what about when you don’t have a credential to get you up close or backstage or when you don’t have professional gear? Last night, I found out. As soon […]



In this example gallery, if you mouse-over the main image, a button bar will float up at the top right of the image. There is a button with four arrows pointing out; click it to view the gallery full-screen. The first button will hide the thumbnails, making the images even larger. That last button will […]

event shooting 101

There are four elements to successful event photography: scoping, prepping, shooting, and delivering. The following breakdown reviews each of these. Scoping It does not matter if it is a simple show-up-and-shoot event or a complex, multi-day event requiring a team of photographers; it is critical to know exactly what the client is expecting you to […]


losing your charge?

Both my wife and daughter had been complaining about their cell phone batteries not charging completely and I was not looking forward to shelling out about $40 each for new batteries. I took my daughter’s phone to the service center to have it checked out and they told me that I might want to get […]


shooting little league sports

As summer is upon us and little league sports are gearing up, here are some things to keep in mind that can make the difference between a good shot and a great shot. 1) Perspective. You have to get on the same level or lower than the players, especially if you want to see under […]


launching a sports photo biz

It happens to almost every one that has taken a camera to an athletic event. You’re there, following the action through the viewfinder, and you start imagining that you’re there, shooting for Sports Illustrated! Next thing you know, you’ve spent a couple thousand dollars on gear. You’re hooked. And, whether by accident or effort, you […]

the bag-packing checklist

Before heading out, make sure you have all of the following that are necessary for not only any jobs you have scheduled, but also for any work that may come up while you are out. While there is a lot to be said for traveling light, you do not want to be caught short in […]

want to make 2010 the bestever?

If you want to make next year a great year, you have to plan for it…and that requires setting realistic, realizable goals. I keep mine very, very simple. At the end of the year, all I want is a calendar – 13 images – that represent the best work I was able to produce through […]

a framework for developing your photographer’s eye

When I started college nearly thirty years ago, I went thinking I could write well. Thanks to one amazing professor, I left college knowing I could. Although I took a number of English courses and had writing requirements in nearly every course, he was the one that kicked the stool out from under me, then […]


your friendly local stock agency

Here’s a little tip for making some extra money in the stock market: be your own agency. While it’s really not as difficult as you might imagine, it does take a little more work than simply uploading images to be approved by someone else. If you’ve got images, all you need is a gallery with […]


prepping images for submission to a publication

If you’ve spent any time in the digital darkroom, you’ve probably developed different workflows for the different images uses. You might have one workflow for preparing an image for the web, a different one for regular prints, and maybe a different one for online competitions. This tutorial covers a workflow for preparing an image for […]

roll with it

marketing tip #482

If you’re trying to drive people to your site, don’t spam. It’s a waste of your time and everyone else’s. Maybe try this instead: Find a relevant forum for your product Identify the most active participants Privately offer them a chance to check out and review your stuff Get them to post up a review […]

Ahs Graduation 0157 Lores Cr.jpg

shooting high school graduations

So, someone has asked you to shoot a high school graduation. If they are paying you little or nothing, maybe you can sell photos to parents. This article goes over what you’ll need to do to make it work. As nothing matters except the end result (a nice, clean shot of the graduate receiving their […]


harddrive recovery – the reality

Awhile back, I had a harddrive die on me, and I really wanted to get the data back without having to resort to rebuilding the drive from backup CDs. I used an outfit in Florida named dtidata and they did a pretty good job. A couple things to consider. dti doesn’t charge an upfront diagnostic […]


what’s that awful screeching sound?!?

Unfortunately, that is probably the sound of your harddrive going south… And you really need to turn off, immediately! That is the sound the metal carving nearly irreparable gashes in your data. Each successive spin further compromises the drive. Basically, there are two types of failures: software and hardware. If it’s making a noise, you […]


how do you store 1000s of photos?

The answer depends on where you are with your photography and where you want to go with it. I started out burning CDs and then clearing off my harddrive. Then I started using external harddrives. Then I got a hub so I could use multiple external harddrives. When I got tired of screwing around with […]


image file-naming convention

When I got my first digital camera, I never thought about changing the filenames. I just copied the images from the camera to the computer and that was that. That was, until I happened to co-mingle a couple folders and found out that after taking over 1000 images, the filenames were being reused. (I also […]


what to do if you get laid off

Once you catch your breath and decide that you are going to go back to work, you need a plan of attack. This is the deal: you are going to have to become a salesperson, BUT, you only have to make ONE sale. The following outlines things you can do to jumpstart the sales process. […]

pricing an 8×10 print

Photography businesswoman extraordinaire Anne Monteith recently posted an article about the Cost of a Print $ 7.50 . . . Acquire & backup 50 RAW+JPG images (15 min.) $ 2.50 . . . Import images to ProSelect (5 min.) $ 20.00 . . Prepare 25 images for presentation (40 min.) $ 5.00 . . . […]


realizing your dreams

Do you have a dream to do something that you would do just about anything to make it real? I hope so! It doesn’t have to be grandiose or over-the-top; it just needs to be something you can work towards. In fact, it might make sense to have a number of little dreams that are […]


shooting street candids

One thing you need to consider is WHY do you want to take these photos… If you can answer that to yourself honestly, you will find a way to do it, and do it well. I’ve shot from a distance, I’ve shot from the hip, and I’ve shot before and after engaging my subjects. I’ve […]


getting started

In a nutshell… I started shooting in high school and was hooked for life. In 2004, I got a DSLR and that June I took a picture of my kids that was selected as a Kodak Picture of the Day for January 31, 2005. I got some local recognition for that and made some contacts […]


do you want a press pass?

It is a myth that there is this magical thing called a ‘press pass’ that will allow you to take your camera wherever you want, especially to really fun places, like backstage at a concert or onto pit road at a car race or etc, etc, etc…and any company offering you such a thing is […]