How To’s


Maximizing a Slideshow

When you first view a post with a slideshow, it will probably look like this. Notice the toolbar at the top and the thumbs at the bottom. There are three buttons on the toolbar. The left button toggles the thumbnail visibility The center button explands the slideshow to fullscreen The right button pauses or plays […]

Images from the third day of the 75th National Folk Festival, held in Greensboro, NC over the weekend of September 11, 2015. The weather was perfect and the crowds came out to enjoy the rich offerings from across the globe. #NCFolkFest. Taken Sunday afternoon, September 13, 2015 by Skip Rowland Photography.

Event Shooting – A Primer

The thrill is REAL! Media pass, backstage access, and nothing between you and the performer. You will get the shot of a lifetime! You may get the cover of Rolling Stone! But, is that what you are there for? Unless you’ve been hired by Rolling Stone or a local newspaper, probably not. And if you’ve […]

understanding your personal computer

Computers were invented by geeks and they have their own language, and this language has been forced on us. Some of it makes sense, some of it is downright bewildering. I am going to try to make some of these words make a little more sense. First, simply think of your computer as a room […]