Bob Brown, Senior Photographer

bob brown, senior photographer

Bob Brown, Senior Photographer at the Richmond Times-Dispatch, was recognized Tuesday evening at a an RTD Public Square, commemorating his 45-year career with the paper. After a warm introduction by RTD Director of Photography James Wallace, the evening proceeded with a retrospective of his works, narrated by Bob and longtime cohorts Jeff Schapiro and Bill […]


palmer plunge 2013!


rest in peace, coach keyes

VCU Baseball Coach Paul Keyes, Sr lost his battle with cancer today. Coach, mentor, friend, husband, father – there is no counting the lives he touched. It was a privilege to have known him and to have photographed over the past seven years.

road trip!

Lexa & I headed out Sunday morning for a road trip down to St Augustine, FL, to visit my parents. We decided to take a couple days, enjoying some backroad scenery, rather than just bombing down I-95. Beau was already down in Florida with his Boy Scout troop, camping out at Fort Clinch for a […]

The 2nd Shooter

my 2nd shooter

This past Saturday, Lexa accompanied me down to William & Mary for the Muscarelle Museum of Art’s annual Wine & Run for the Roses fundraiser. With a silent auction followed by a live auction, this incredibly fun afternoon of food and wine is capped by the Kentucky Derby, presented on 6 huge flat-screen TVs. Nearly […]


go large!

R-MC Football Coach Pedro Aruza wanted something to give his offices a punch. A real punch. He had a quote in mind that came from Ernest Hemingway’s The Old Man and the Sea, via San Francisco 49er coach Jim Harbaugh. After scouring the archives, this is the image he wanted. And he wanted it large. […]


r-mc wall art

Last year Randolph-Macon’s newly installed Athletic Director Jeff Burns came to me with a request to dress up the entrance to the athletic offices. For years the reception office walls had been decorated with 8x10s hung in acrylic box frames and it was time for something new. The challenge was two-fold: first, we had to […]

Fs 0023.jpg

the freedom skater

Austin Szelkowski, the Freedom Skater, was rolling through central Virginia this week, on his way from the Statue of Liberty in New York to the Pacific Ocean in Santa Monica. In his words, he is Forest Gumping his way across America, hoping to inspire others to chase their dreams. I photographed him as he was […]

please, support this boy scout!

My son Beau is a Boy Scout on a mission: he wants to earn the rank of Eagle Scout by the time he turns 15. He’s only 12 and this is what he’s done so far: Appointed to position of Chaplains Aid Earned 1st Class Rank Earned 2nd Class Rank Earned Scout Rank Earned 15 […]


seeking the light of day…

So, you’re a known packrat and you’re looking for something and you come across a collection of stuff you wrote 20-30 years ago…what do you do? We’re talking about stuff that hardly anyone (probably less than 15 people) have ever seen, stuff that you haven’t seen for years…what do you do? We’re talking about stuff […]

Hoosier State Press Association Photo of the Year!

the beauty of photojournalism

A while back I had the privilege of sitting on the judging panel for the Hoosier State Press Association’s annual photography contest; and, as luck would have it, I was in on the first glance at what would ultimately be selected as the Photo of the Year. The winner was shot by a fellow named […]

two sheds and a breezeway – groundbreaking

and we have officially broken ground on “Two Sheds with a Breezeway!” My friend Jim Palmer and his boys came over to assist augering out the 35 holes for the foundation support piers for our sheds. I couldn’t have done it without him; the two-man auger was manageable, the one-man was a monster (and probably […]


two sheds with a breezeway

When we moved into our little house in the woods seven years ago, we gave up two and a half rooms and a two-car garage. Even after unloading a lot of unnecessary/unused stuff, we’re still pretty cramped. So, after spending seemingly years going around in circles designing, redesigning, and talking about it, we’ve finally committed […]

Bgn Nashville Garage 0034.jpg

peace be with you, kevin grubb

My heart and prayers goes out to the Grubb family, especially Erynn. I met Kevin in 2006 when he was re-starting his NASCAR career. Although that effort was short-lived, the impression he made on me was permanent. He was a regular guy, chasing his dreams and fighting his demons, and always with a smile on […]


sarah’s next big step

How 16-year-old Goochlander Sarah McCalla went from wondering “what’s next?” all the way to New York City When Sarah McCalla’s brother Sean left for Virginia Tech last fall, they agreed that instead of dissolving their six-year-old band, Zerohour, they would just take a break. For Sarah, that break lasted only a month. “Music is such […]