The Michelangelo Exhibit at the Muscarelle Museum of Art


As noted elsewhere, I shoot and build panoramics using the GigaPan system (both equipment and software). Even though there are a lot of less expensive options (especially if you like do-it-yourself projects), I prefer being able to count on these tools to provide consistent results…particularly when a client is involved. One of my clients, the […]


commercial portfolio


together – 2012

Tonight Robbin Thompson, Steve Bassett, Velpo Robertson, Bob “The Fox” Rico Antonelli, Audie Stanley, Alejandro Dieguez, Eric Heiberg, and John Stanley got together at In Your Ear Studios for one last rehearsal before their upcoming show at The National.


mercy creek @ the tobacco co

just can’t get enough of this!


the leppo lab @ W&M

Thanks to Professor Matthias Leu and his students for their assistance in bringing these images to life.


mr appliance

Sg 0021.jpg

vcu’s siegel center at dusk

It was a nice evening to put the camera on a tripod…

yellow jacket football

I shot this for the cover of the Randolph-Macon Yellow Jacket Football media guide.

Vcu 0008.jpg

vcu athletic facilities

This afternoon I went down to VCU’s Siegel Center to shoot facility images for the women’s basketball program. Mitch, Darren, and I had a ball. I’m pretty sure no one woke up expecting to be doing the things we had to do to capture these simple images. It just goes to prove that there is […]

Rmc 0005.jpg

r-mc athletic facilities, cont.

Today we went back to R-MC to finish up the facility shoot.

Rmc 0003.jpg

r-mc athletic facilities

And the summer starts to wind down…barely into August, and we’re back at work. Today and Monday, I’m shooting Randolph-Macon athletic facilities. It’s not glamorous, but it’s necessary. The results also highlight the differences between what I do and the snapshots you get with the typical point-and-shoot…

joy of childhood

Yippee! These are the days! I don’t know who had more fun, these Growing Up Green campers at Maymont, or me. I love shooting for The Maymont Foundation, especially when I get to shoot stuff like this!

Sandwiches And Desserts 0020 Lo Res Cr.jpg

are ya hungry, now?

This type of work just kills me. It was all I could do not to devour my subjects. And then I made the mistake of processing the images on an empty stomach… These images were photographed for The Cafe at Maidens, a new sandwich shop opening on 522 in Powhatan County, just about 2 miles […]

S 0001.jpg


Prints Available


sit back and relax (sort of…)

This afternoon I had the privilege and pleasure of meeting and photographing Carolyn White for a profile in an upcoming corporate newsletter. We met at the Bonefish Grill (one of her accounts), where we were lucky enough to have enough ambient light that I didn’t have to break out the strobes. Unfortunately, as she still […]

SEIU at Virginia General Assembly

lobby day at the GA

One event I look forward to every year is Lobby Day at the Virginia General Assembly. One of my clients, the Service Employees International Union, usually sends 70-100 members to lobby their state legislators and I tag along to document their day at the GA. To see an online gallery of this year’s Lobby Day […]


no do-overs – richmond folk festival 2008

Overview Why SRP? Case Study Some Clients Examples Collections This was pretty much a once-in-a-lifetime shot. On one hand, if I didn’t get the shot, it wouldn’t have been the end of the world. On the other hand, because of the way this performance had been hyped, I had to get something. The challenges were […]

Nff69 0001.jpg

masters, apprentices

The Virginia Foundation for the Humanities showcased their Master-Apprentice program at the 69th National Folk Festival, held in Richmond over the past weekend. Prints Available


x-team fitness – extreme pt

Overview Why SRP? Case Study Some Clients Examples Collections Want to get in shape? Try hanging with these guys and gals for a few weeks… I tagged along to shoot one of their workouts. This is what happened.

Img 6812 V0.jpg

3rd st diner

A few years ago, we were commissioned to shoot wall art for the 3rd St Diner in downtown Richmond. It was a great experience, a lot fun, a ton of work. We ended up hanging nearly 40 pieces, ranging from 11×14’s down to 5×7’s, running completely down one wall. Almost immediately, the images became historical […]